The Very Fine Craft Market showcases work that is mostly more fine art than craft, and is about the makers as much as it is about their work.

The participating artists/crafters are innovative and experimental, responding to their materials in ways that guide the process in the making. For these artists the design process continues throughout the making of each object.

The Very Fine Craft market has developed in response for a need to provide a creative platform for creatives to showcase their work and network with fellow creatives.

• Jill Trappler’s scarves are digitally printed from her paintings, and the digital version of each edition/design is tweaked by the artist to be subtly different.

• Henri Kuiken’s block print textile designs are informed by the limitations of the medium; blocks are re-used in different ways to produce an endless variety of patterns.

• Tess Metcalf’s books are bound in covers culled from her own explorations as a printmaker.

Each piece belongs to a place and a time; where the work was made and when it was made informs the design, the colour, the finish, giving each object a unique character.

The Very Fine Craft Market will be taking place this Saturday, 15th February,from 8:30am to 2pm at 62 Roeland Street, the New Art Source Studio, next Vida Cafe.